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About Honey

  • Year Released: 2003

Honey is a 2003 motion picture released by Universal Pictures. Featuring music produced by Rodney Jerkins, the film stars Jessica Alba, Mekhi Phifer, Lil' Romeo, Joy Bryant, David Moscow and features performances by Tweet, Jadakiss and Ginuwine. It also features a cameo by Missy Elliott. Honey was followed by a sequel, Honey 2, released on June 10, 2011. Honey Daniels (Jessica Alba) is a Bartender and Dance Teacher at the local community center in New York. Having dreams to make it as a backup dancer in music videos, Honey and rival Katrina (Laurieann Gibson) are recorded dancing one night in the club where she works. That same night, Honey and friend Gina (Joy Bryant) leave the club and encounter some kids dancing. Two of the kids are introduced as Benny (Lil' Romeo), and his little brother Raymond (Zachary Williams). Honey invites both to attend her classes at the community center, and they become inspiration for some of her moves as a Dancer. Honey soon catches the attention of Music Director Michael Ellis (David Moscow), who gives her a job as a back up dancer in Jadakiss' new video. Unimpressed with his current choreographer, Michael decides to let Honey choreograph the video.

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