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About Heroes

  • Year Released: 1977

Heroes is a 1977 comedy drama film directed by Jeremy Kagan and starring Henry Winkler and co-starring Sally Field and Harrison Ford (in his first post-Star Wars role). Winkler plays a Vietnam vet who sets about finding the men from his unit, Field plays his girlfriend and Ford plays one of the guys in his unit, now a stock car driver in Sedalia, Missouri who keeps a stolen machine gun in his motor home. The movie was the first film released after the conflict ended in 1975 to address Vietnam War issues. Jack Dunne (Winkler), a Vietnam veteran who turns out to have a case of lacunar amnesia, escapes a mental ward in New York City to start a business as a worm farmer in Eureka, California. At the bus station, he accidentally meets Carol Bell (Field), a woman unsure of her engagement and imminent marriage to a man she has confused feelings towards. They set off on a trip to middle America: she traveling to think things over, he to locate his three old war buddies and involve them in his scheme to raise worms.

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