Haunting Julia

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Haunting Julia is a 1994 play by British playwright Alan Ayckbourn. It is about Julia Lukin, a nineteen-year-old brilliant musician who committed suicide twelve years earlier, who haunts the three men closest to her, through both the supernatural and in their memories. In 2008, it was presented as the first play of Things That Go Bump (2002 play Snake in the Grass and new play Life and Beth being parts two and three). The inspiration for Haunting Julia came the stage adaptation of The Woman in Black, written by Susan Hill, adapted for the stage by Stephen Mallatratt. It premièred at the Stephen Joseph Theatre (then at the Westwood site) in 1987, directed by Alan Ayckbourn's co-director, Robin Herford, whilst Ayckbourn was on sabbatical at the Royal National Theatre, London. He considered that the ability to make audiences jump was little to do with special effects and a lot to do with acting and a tense storyline. This idea grew into Haunting Julia, performed seven years later. However, as Ayckbourn acknowledged, although the play remained a ghost story, the theme that grew to dominate the play were three men, and their relationships to Julia, a gifted musician who took her life

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