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Guy Kewney (30 April 1946 – 8 April 2010) was a South African-born British journalist, regarded by some as the first UK technology journalist. He was best known as a personal computing pundit, starting with Personal Computer World (PCW) writing a monthly column for the magazine from its launch in 1978 until its closure in June 2009. He launched the blog NewsWireless.Net in 2002 and was a founding partner of AFAICS Research. One of his daughters, Lucy Sherriff, was on the staff of The Register until 2007. At the peak of the fame and influence of PCW, Kewney was widely regarded as one of the UK's most influential writers and broadcasters on microcomputing technology, founding and editing trade publications Microscope and PC Dealer, co-presenting Computer Trade Video and working as a TV presenter for five years on Thames TV's Database and Channel 4's 4 Computer Buffs before helping launch Ziff-Davis in Britain as the star columnist of PC Magazine (UK), PC Direct, Computer Life, IT Week, and ZDNet UK. Kewney's original goal was to become a civil engineer, but he did not complete that university course of study. In 1965 he dropped out to work for English Electric Leo Marconi Computers.

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