Gravest Hits

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About Gravest Hits

Gravest Hits is the debut 12" EP by the American garage punk band The Cramps. It was released in July 1979 on Illegal Records and I.R.S. Records. It was produced by Alex Chilton and recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis in 1977. It featured liner notes by "Dr. J.H. Sasfy, Professor of Rockology, American Rock'n'Roll Institute, Washington D.C., U.S.A." It is one of first documents of the rockabilly revival genre, and the psychobilly genre. The photograph on the back of the original sleeve of the band in performance was taken at New York's Palladium theatre. “Human Fly” appeared in episode 4 of the UK ITV comedy drama series “Married Single Other” as Clint scaled four floors of a block of flats in Leeds to try to recover his relationship with Abbie. A cover version of the song by Hanni El Khatib also appeared in a Nissan television advertisement. Yet another cover version of "Human Fly" was recorded by the Serbian alternative rock band Supernaut on their 2006 album Eli.

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