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Grant Lawrence (born July 30, 1971) is a veteran Canadian radio personality and writer based in Vancouver. He is a host on CBC Radio 3, a Sirius Satellite Radio channel which emphasizes new independent Canadian music. As of summer 2012, he is also the host of The Wildside, a weekly half hour program on CBC Radio One that shares stories of life in Canada's great outdoors. Grant was also the vocalist for the indie rock group The Smugglers. In addition to his regular shifts on Radio 3 itself, Lawrence was the host of Radio 3's Saturday night program on the CBC Radio 2 network until March 17, 2007, when that program was discontinued. He is also regular host of the service's weekly podcast, which is the most widely downloaded Canadian podcast on the Internet as of 2006. Spin magazine dubbed it the best podcast in Canada. In 2012, he also hosted the summer series The Wild Side on CBC Radio One. Lawrence began his association with the CBC in the 1990s, filing stories about life on tour with the Smugglers for David Wisdom's show Nightlines. When Nightlines ended in 1997, Wisdom and Leora Kornfeld, the former host of Realtime, went on to host the new series RadioSonic. Lawrence initially

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