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About GpSP

  • Emulated Computer: Game Boy
  • Emulated Peripheral Classes:
  • Emulated Peripherals:

gpSP (game play SP) is a Game Boy Advance emulator, made by Exophase, for use with the Sony PlayStation Portable and GP2X video game systems. There have been ports to iPod , the iOS, as well as the Leapfrog Didj handheld. The PSP version runs most commercial games at full speed, however some still have problems from minor or severe glitches, while others are very slow. The GP2X version is similar to the PSP one, but typically slower. Unlike VisualBoyAdvance, which high-level emulates the GBA BIOS, gpSP requires a GBA BIOS file in order to operate. Due to copyright reasons, this BIOS cannot be included with the emulator by Exophase, and users must dump it on their own using a Game Boy Advance flash cartridge. Some games do not need the BIOS file to play, however most do. To date, gpSP has proven to be the most efficient, compatible and widely used of all GBA emulators for the PSP, GP2X and the iPhone, and has worked on all the firmware versions. Exophase has stopped working on the PSP version of GpSP, in favor of the GP2X and Pandora versions of gpSP. Future versions of gpSP will be closed source due to the constant third-party re-release of gpSP against Exophase's wishes. These

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