Goal ii: living the dream

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About Goal ii: living the dream

  • Year Released: 2007

Goal II: Living the Dream is the second part of the football film trilogy Goal! and it was released on 9 February 2007 in the United Kingdom and 29 August 2008 in the United States. The film depicts fictional events in the 2005-06 football season, involving Real Madrid, Newcastle United and other major European clubs like Arsenal and Barcelona. Goal! II carries on from Goal! inwhich Santiago Muñez, who is now a successful football player, gets transferred from Newcastle to Real Madrid. He has a good start for Real as he substitutes former teammate Gavin Harris, who is in a bad form, in several matches. But then life starts to get complicated when his half-brother learns that he is related to Santiago and shows him a picture of his mother, who left his father years ago and now lives in Spain. When his brother tells him this Santiago drives off, after which his life goes downhill. When he gets his first chance to start for Real Madrid he screws up the match by getting sent off for a bad tackle on Valencia's Vicente. He gets into a argument with his girlfriend, who leaves, frustrated, to return to England. He fires Glen Foy as his agent. Things get worse when he gets injured.

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