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Gezora is a giant squid character in the movie "Space Amoeba." Height: 30 meters (98 ft) Weight: 20,000 tons Powers/Weapons: Tentacles, ice mist, icy blood, able to discharge a stream of ink Weakness: Fire, Supersonic waves Classification: Space Kaiju/Mutation First Appearance: Space Amoeba (English title: Yog, The Monster from Space) (1970) Other Appearances: Godzilla: Final Wars (stock footage) Series: Showa period The body of the cuttlefish Gezora was taken over by an invading alien intelligence, known only as Yog. The alien force within the squid monster caused him to grow to gigantic size and then sent Gezora to attack the natives of the island where Yog’s spacecraft crashed. The giant squid terrorized the island for some time, but was finally driven away when the islanders and Japanese who came there fought back against Gezora with the monster’s weakness, fire. Severely injured by the attack, Gezora retreated into the ocean and sank beneath the waves. The Yog entity, realizing this body was dying, abandoned Gezora before seeking out a new host body. This didn’t take long, for soon Yog found a lobster and mutated it into the monster Ganime, directing the giant lobster back to

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