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About FwNES

  • Emulated Computer: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Emulated Peripheral Classes:
  • Emulated Peripherals:

fwNES is a Nintendo Entertainment System console emulator that is designed for classic Pentium computers. It optimally works on a Pentium 133 MHZ computer. Modern personal computers or any personal computer running above 1 GHZ run this emulator too rapidly for playability and must be slowed down by meticulously playing with the emulator through the GUI. Frequent use of the save states will result in loss of save state information, in addition to an error message that is played upon exiting the emulator. fwNES is an emulator that can run most unlicensed Famicom ROMs and ROM hacks that do not signicantly alter the Famicom ROM in question. Examples of this include the 1994 Cony pirate game World Heroes 2 and the 2000 Hong Kong original Hot Dance 2000. Due to its outdated source code that emphasizes accuracy over speed, a prospective user should use this emulator on an older computer or prepare to spend precious minutes in frustration trying to recalibrate the emulator to make it use more CPU time, thus slowing down the emulator. It was discontinued in 1999 due to the programmer (FanWen Yang) dying of cancer. The emulator comes in many languages including English, French, and

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