Freddy got fingered

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About Freddy got fingered

  • Year Released: 2001

Freddy Got Fingered is a 2001 American comedy film directed, co-written by and starring Tom Green. Some of the scenes feature similar antics to those seen in his own The Tom Green Show and scenes in Road Trip. It is largely built around gross-out and shock humor. Much of the movie was filmed in Southern California and in Vancouver, British Columbia. Freddy Got Fingered was initially called one of the worst films of all time by many organizations and film critics. However, it has also gained a cult following in later years, with some critics and fans hailing its unique bizarre sensibility as almost avant garde in nature. Green plays a 28-year-old slacker/cartoonist named Gordon "Gord" Brody, who is pursuing his ambition to obtain a contract for a TV show. He heads off for Hollywood, and subsequently gets a job in a cheese sandwich factory. He also goes to an animation studio looking for Mr. Davidson (Anthony Michael Hall). He is told that he's out to lunch. Gord makes up a lie that he's a cop and that Mr. Davidson's wife died. He gets the name of the restaurant and quickly heads there to pitch his idea. After being told that his ideas are stupid and make no sense, he decides to move

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