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  • Blog: AVC: musings of a VC in NYC

Fred Wilson (born August 20, 1961) is a New York-based venture capitalist and blogger. Due to his successful investment track record and community involvement, he is recognized as a leading voice of the venture capital finance community. Wilson is the co-founder of Union Square Ventures, a New York City-based venture capital firm with investments in Web 2.0 companies such as Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Zynga and 10gen. In 1996, Wilson co-founded Flatiron Partners with his partner Jerry Colonna. Flatiron, named after the Flatiron District, became a successful, primarily follow-on investment fund in the New York City area, with investments in notable Dot-com bubble successes and failures including Alacra, comScore Networks, Yoyodyne, Geocities,, New York Times Digital, PlanetOut, Return Path, Scout electromedia, Standard Media International, Starmedia, and The firm's 1996 fund capitalized at $150 million with two investors: SOFTBANK Technology Ventures and Chase Capital Partners, the private-equity arm of Chase Manhattan Corp. The firm later raised another fund capitalized at $500 million with Chase Capital Partners as the sole active LP. In 2001, Wilson

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