For the love of nancy

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About For the love of nancy

  • Year Released: 1994

For the Love of Nancy is a 1994 television film directed by Paul Schneider. The film, based on a true story, deals with anorexia nervosa. Lead actress Tracey Gold was actually recovering from the disease while making the movie and used her own life experience for the portrayal of Nancy. Nancy Walsh is a high school graduate who is apprehensive about the future. After losing weight after having a wisdom tooth removed, Nancy notices the changes in her body and becomes obsessed with losing weight. When she commences college, she becomes withdrawn and is increasingly conscious of her weight. for example, she commences exercising all the time and hardly eats. At college, she closes herself up in her room, afraid of socializing with other people. she also keeps her room in meticulous order. Although most of her friends, neighbors and brother Tommy notice that she is losing a lot of weight, her mother ignores the changes in Nancy. Her brother Patrick is the first one to confront her about it and at a Christmas party, everyone is shocked by how thin she looks. They confront her and she promises them that everything is going to be okay. Her mother, Sally believes her, but her uncle

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