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  • Wham-O product used: Frisbee

Flutterguts or Flutter Frisbee or Flubber Guts (in Europe) is a disc game used mainly as practice catching flying disc. It may have been derived from the game Guts frisbee. It is usually played by 2-6 players. The field is a small area, and varies on size depending on how many people are on each team. It is split into two halves, each about an armspan deep by several wide. The basic gameplay is as follows; The disc must leave the server's hand going up, but come down while it is in the area of the receiving team. If it lands out of the receiving team's area, near the border, or falls immediately, the receiving team may request a rethrow. To make it hard to catch, the disc is held upside down, supported by the thumb in the center and other fingers on the rim. It is then pushed forward and slightly up. This should cause it to flip backwards, making it challenging to catch. The disc must never rest on any part of the body, other than the hands, or else a 'trap' can be called, voiding the point. It can never be touched by both hands simultaneously, or else 'two hands' can be called, to the same effect as a 'trap' or dropped serve. There is no such thing as 'two one-handed catches

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