Five-Two Television

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About Five-Two Television

Five-Two Television is the sixth studio album by KJ-52. Released September 22, 2009 on BEC Recordings. The first single, "End of My Rope," was made available on iTunes on July 28th, 2009. KJ-52 has released a few mixtapes already — some mash-ups and some unreleased material — and planned to release more until the release of Five-Two Television. Along with the purchase of Five-Two Television, there was a free download of a mixtape collaboration between KJ-52 and Goldinchild. KJ-52 has stated that he encourages the sharing of this mixtape for evangelistic purposes. The Auto-Tune effect is used frequently throughout this album, a first for KJ-52, although on most of the songs it is used, like "Tweezy Dance" or "Adventures of Tweezyman", the Auto-Tune is used as a joke. This album won "Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year" at the 2010 Dove Awards. It is a concept album about the fictional character Chris Carlino.

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