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Finetune is an online music recommendation service based on the Adobe Flash platform. Finetune streams tracks from the user's favorite artists, and lets the user create and share playlists online. Finetune playlists have a minimum of 45 songs in them. If the user's playlist does not have enough songs, Finetune will add songs similar to ones the user listens to. There are several limitations. For example, the user can only include three songs by any one artist in any given playlist. Also, the songs play randomly in the playlists and the user cannot return to tracks previously played during the session, or skip more than four or five tracks in a row. Finetune allows users of the site to share their playlists by generating URLs that link to a playlist, and allowing users to send the URLs to other people. Also, Finetune provides HTML code to embed flash mini-players into sites such as MySpace. Finetune has also released Finetune Desktop, a desktop player utilizing the Adobe Integrated Runtime. Finetune has also released a Finetune Wii Player, which lets users stream music from their favorite artists, playlists, or tags on the Wii game system. Finetune is a free (as in beer)

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