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About FakeNES

  • Emulated Computer: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Emulated Peripheral Classes:
  • Emulated Peripherals:

FakeNES is a free, portable, and Open source NES emulator written in C and C++, using the Allegro game library. It runs on any operating system that Allegro supports, such as 32-bit DOS or compatible, any version of Windows released after 1995, and POSIX compliant systems such as Mac OS X and Linux. It is one of the more common NES emulators, with a distinctive "old school" GUI. Distributed under the terms of the licence of zlib/libpng, FakeNES is free software. FakeNES was created by a team of freelance software developers in mid- to late 2001, and the first milestone release was made on January 24 2002, after three months of work. However, development efforts were temporarily stalled for most of 2003 due to personal issues. Development finally continued in September 2003 with a new release, finally dubbed "FakeNES Stable" after 2 years of development. A year later, development was officially cancelled on October 23 2004 due to inherent design flaws. However one of the developers remained and later announced on May 6 2005 that the project was once again under limited development, followed by a work in progress release on October 26. Between March and April 2006 the project

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