Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation

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The Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) was, until December 2010, the sole telecommunication service provider in Ethiopia. Based in Addis Ababa, it was the second-largest state-owned company in Ethiopia, the largest being Ethiopian Airlines. It was replaced by Ethio Telecom on December 2, 2010. The new company is also fully owned by the state, but management is outsourced to France Télécom for two years. The government said it outsourced the management as ETC was not able to meet the demands of the fast growing country. It also said that telecom services would not be privatized, at least not in the near future. Originally a division of the Ministry of Post, Telephone and Telegraph, what would become the ETC was established as the Imperial Board of Telecommunications of Ethiopia (IBTE) by proclamation No. 131/52 in 1952. Under the Derg Regime, the IBTE was reorganized as the Ethiopian Telecommunications Service on October 1975, which was in turn reorganized on January 1981 as the Ethiopian Telecommunications Authority. On November 1996, the Ethiopian Telecommunications Authority became ETC by Council of Ministers regulation No. 10/1996. The subsequent Proclamation 49/1996

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