Escape from Furnace

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Furnace is a series of books written by author Alexander Gordon Smith. The books are written from the point of view of teenage protagonist Alex Sawyer, and are about his containment in the prison known as Furnace. Four books have been published so far, with one more to come. Furnace: Lockdown is the first book in the series, followed by Furnace: Solitary, Furnace: Death Sentence, and Furnace: Fugitives. Furnace is the most secure prison in the world, buried a mile beneath the ground. After a massive murder showdown between adolescent gangs, there is no longer tolerance for teen crime. Alex Sawyer is a teen who got into a bad habit with his best friend, Toby. What started out as shaking down kids for money at the playground soon turned into breaking in and robbing houses. Alex and Toby are on their biggest heist yet when something goes wrong. Alex is confronted by a huge man in a suit while raiding the husband's room. Thinking it's the police Alex drops what he has and escapes barely. He runs downstairs to find a group of huge black-suited men hovering over Toby, who is shaking with fear. In the middle of them all is a wheezing man in a rusted gas-mask, who appears to have no

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