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About Dublin/Pleasanton

  • Transit Lines: Dublin/Pleasanton - Daly City/Millbrae Line
  • Terminus For Lines: Dublin/Pleasanton - Daly City/Millbrae Line

Dublin/Pleasanton (also and originally known as East Dublin/Pleasanton) is a Bay Area Rapid Transit station on the border of Dublin and Pleasanton. The station is fed by twenty local and regional bus lines from five different providers. The station consists of an island platform located in the center median of Interstate 580. Parking lots for the station are located on both sides of the freeway. It is somewhat unique in that trains travel down a long, somewhat rural stretch of Interstate 580 between Castro Valley and Dublin to get to the station. It is also notable in having transit service to the city of Modesto, over 55 miles (89 km) away. Local bus service is provided by WHEELS. Connection to ACE's Pleasanton station is available through WHEELS route 54. Service at the station began on May 10, 1997. It was originally intended to be called the East Dublin/Pleasanton station, and was at one time shown as so on maps, to differentiate it from the planned West Dublin/Pleasanton station. However, the West Dublin/Pleasanton station did not actually open until 2011, and the "East" designator is not commonly used; station signage and route maps use the shorter name. The station features

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