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About Drvar

  • Contained by: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Time zone(s): Central European Time
  • Events: Operation Rösselsprung

Drvar (Cyrillic: Дрвар) is a town and municipality in western Bosnia and Herzegovina, located on the road between Bosansko Grahovo and Bosanski Petrovac, also near Glamoč. It is administratively part of Canton 10 of the Federation. Drvar lies in the vast valley, the southeastern part of Bosanska Krajina, between the Osječenica, Klekovača, Vijenca and Šator mountains of the Dinaric Alps. The southeast side of boundary extends from the Šator over Jadovnika, Uilice and descends to Lipovo and the Una River. This extremely hilly region comprising the town of Drvar and the numerous outlying villages covers approximately 1030 square kilometers/640 square miles. The town itself is mainly spread out from the left side of the river Unac, and its elevation is approximately 480 meters/1574 feet. Drvar is approximately 120 kilometers from Šibenik, Croatia, 80 kilometers from Bihać, and 125 kilometers to Banja Luka. The word Drvar stems from the Serbo-Croatian word 'drvo' which means 'wood'. During socialist Yugoslavia, Drvar was named Titov Drvar in honor of Josip Broz Tito. • Ataševac • Bastasi • Boboljusci • Bosanski Osredci • Brda • Bunčevac • Drvar • Drvar • Gornji Tiškovac • Gruborski

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