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About Downtown Berkeley

  • Transit Lines: Richmond - Daly City/Millbrae Line
  • Terminus For Lines:

Downtown Berkeley is a Bay Area Rapid Transit station located in Berkeley, California. One of three stations in Berkeley along with Ashby and North Berkeley, it is the second-busiest BART station outside of San Francisco, with 11,749 exits each weekday. The busiest outside of San Francisco, 12th St. Oakland City Center, handles 12,181 weekday exits. It is the primary station for those travelling to and from the University of California, Berkeley. Downtown Berkeley opened on January 29, 1973, as part of an extension from MacArthur to Richmond, with service southward to Fremont until the opening of the Transbay Tube and subsequent service to San Francisco later that year. In the mid-1990s, BART changed the name of the station from simply "Berkeley" to "Downtown Berkeley" in an effort to minimize confusion between this station and North Berkeley. The station has been the site of many BART Alert protests in response to occurrences on the political scene. Like most underground BART stations, Downtown Berkeley has two levels: a mezzanine containing faregates and an island platform with two tracks. Access to the station is provided by five street-level entrances on Shattuck Avenue, with

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