Deus ex Machina: Logos

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About Deus ex Machina: Logos

  • Year Released: 2008

Deus ex Machina: Logos is a ghost story and debut novel by Charles Matthew Sauer. The title of the novel refers both to a ghost in a machine (cp. Koestler's The Ghost in the Machine), specifically within the software of a computer, and to a theatrical plot device. The novel is infused with some elements of Magic Realism, having many allusions to Echo and Narcissus among other Roman deities. It also contains elements of the Cyberpunk genre, including computer hardware and software jargon. It is a ghost story about a software engineer trapped inside the words of the book, and about how a doppelganger trapped her within the story. It is considered by some to contain the first poem, written in English, using C/C++ source code. The novel opens with the main character, Cecelia, addressing the reader, as if seeing the reader through the words of the page. She then explains how she discovered clues to the location of a secret book, while working as a software engineer for a digital print company. She discovered the clues while researching software inventions for digital printers inspired by Roman fountains and the charred fragments of papyrus in Pompeii. While in Pompeii, Cecelia becomes

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