Dennis Jürgensen

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About Dennis Jürgensen

Dennis Jürgensen (born February 3, 1961) is one of the most popular Danish writer for kids and young adults. A study among Danish kids from 11 to 18 years showed that 90 % knew who he was and his fan club has almost 1000 members. In Denmark, a country of only about five and a half million inhabitants, that is a very significant size for a fanclub. Jürgensen is mostly a writer for the youth but as he has said himself some of his books should be considered to be for adults. He has written in almost any genre but his most preferred genres are fantasy, science fiction and horror or a combination of those three. But he has also written crime-books, books about love and realistic novels. Humor is an on-going feature, a thing he focuses a lot on. One of his idols, Stephen King, once said his biggest wish was that someone would die of terror after reading his book. To that Jürgensen has remarked that his biggest wish is that someone will laugh so hard from reading his book that people in the bus will turn around and look at him. He grew up in Brønshøj near Copenhagen (today he's living in Rødovre), he was doing okay in school with the exception being Danish. He drifted around after taking

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