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About Daughters

  • Year Released: 1997

Daughters, also known as Our Mother's Murder is a 1997 made-for-tv drama film directed by Bill L. Norton, and stars Holly Marie Combs and Sarah Chalke who play Alex and Annie, the two eldest daughters of the main character Anne. A possible movie adaptation of the true crime story was in talks since 1994, though Alex and Annie Morrell agreed only years later. Whereas they had no involvement in the production, and thought the film was overly dramatic, they supported the message and hoped that Daughters could help any victims of domestic violence. In Spring 1989, Alex (Holly Marie Combs) and Annie Morrell (Sarah Chalke) finish prep school and return home to start college. Their mother, publishing heiress Anne Scripps (Roxanne Hart) welcomes them in her New York mansion. Anne has recently divorced her husband Tony (Ryan Michael) and is still struggling with the divorce. Nonetheless, she is happy with her new boyfriend, much younger Scott Douglas (James Wilder), a volatile-tempered young man whom she marries only months after their first meeting. From the start, Alex is uncertain if she should trust Scott, having heard stories about a possible violent past. When Anne announces that she

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