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  • Operating Systems Developed: Gentoo Linux

Daniel Robbins (US citizen, born in Montreal, Quebec) is a computer programmer and consultant best known as the founder and former chief architect of the Gentoo Linux project. In 2008, he launched the Funtoo project, a free GNU/Linux distribution based on Gentoo, and is the project's lead hacker and organizer. He also currently works at the same time in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as engineer at OPNET, and as president for Funtoo Technologies. During his time as a system administrator at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque Robbins first came into contact with Linux. He became a developer on Stampede Linux, and later formed his own distribution Enoch Linux, which was later renamed Gentoo in 2002. The Gentoo Linux distribution created enormous interest almost immediately. It remains by far the most high-profile source-based Linux distribution, and the quality of its documentation, and friendliness of its forums have been widely praised. However, like many other free software projects, Gentoo struggled to create a business model which would support its key developers. Robbins resigned as Chief Architect on 26 April 2004, citing considerable personal debt, and a desire to spend

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