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About Cumulus Media Networks

Cumulus Media Networks is an American radio network owned and operated by Cumulus Media. As of 2011 it controls many of the radio assets formerly belonging to the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), which was broken up in 2007; Cumulus owns the portion of the network that was purchased by Citadel Broadcasting that year. The network adopted its current name in September 2011, following Cumulus's acquisition of Citadel; prior to this, it had been known as Citadel Media Networks since April 2009, after licensing the "ABC Radio Networks" name from The Walt Disney Company for nearly two years. The company is helmed by two radio executives from Atlanta. Prominent hosts carried by Cumulus Media Networks include Don Imus, Mark Levin, Jim Brickman, Kix Brooks (American Country Countdown), and Tom Kent. Cumulus Media Networks has its origins in an early network set up by WJZ (now WABC) in New York City which provided programs to other stations over Western Union lines. WJZ, originally owned by Westinghouse and its informal network were absorbed into the National Broadcasting Company in 1927. To the parent company Radio Corporation of America, WJZ and affiliates were known as the Blue

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