Culpeper County

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About Culpeper County

  • Contained by: Virginia
  • Time zone(s): North American Eastern Time Zone
  • Events: Battle of Brandy Station

Culpeper County is a county located in the central region of the Commonwealth of Virginia. As of 2010, the population was 46,689. Its county seat and largest population center is Culpeper, the only town in Culpeper County. Although the Town of Culpeper has experienced explosive growth in recent years the county as a whole has remained extremely rural. At the time of European encounter, the inhabitants of the area that became Culpeper County were a Siouan-speaking sub-group of the Manahoac tribe called the Tegninateo. Culpeper County was established in 1749 from Orange County. The county is named for Thomas Culpeper. During the Civil War the Battle of Cedar Mountain took place on August 9, 1862 and the Battle of Brandy Station on June 9, 1863, in Culpeper County. In May 1749, the first Culpeper Court convened in the home of Robert Coleman, not far from where the Town of Culpeper is presently located. In July 1749, 17-year-old George Washington was commissioned as the first County surveyor. One of his first duties was to lay out the County's courthouse complex, which included the courthouse, jail, stocks, gallows and accessory buildings. By 1752 the complex stood at what is presently

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