Come Go with Me

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About Come Go with Me

  • Year Released: 1966

Come Go With Me is a studio album released by Gloria Jones in 1966. The album is available in mono and stereo versions. "The New 'Heartbeat' Sound That Never Quits". Here is the description written on the back of the album: It is from this period with Ed Cobb that also produced "Tainted Love" and "My Bad Boy's Coming Home." Both songs were later given an album release on 1982's Reunited, once again with Ed Cobb producing. This album has yet to be given an official CD release. Side One: Side Two: Produced by Ed Cobb for Greengass Productions Arranged by Lincoln Mayorga Engineer - Tom May Production Consultants - B. Jacobs, S. Cohen, A. Ross, R. Harris Cover Photo: George Jerman

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