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Chubby Hubby or Aun Koh (born 1972) is a blogger from Singapore. His blog consists of dining reviews, travelling, wine and recipes for baking and cooking. It also consists of many photographs of the food, most being digitally altered. The blog earned reviews in the Guardian and was nominated for the world's best urban food blog in the 2005 Urban Blogging Awards. Aun was mentioned in Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's National Day Rally speech in 2006, as an example of Singaporean blogs on the internet. Singapore newspaper The Straits Times has mentioned him several times in articles about the hottest blogs, blogs to watch and the most popular food blogs. He was interviewed by Newsweek and mentioned in The New York Times, the South China Morning Post and The Guardian. Singaporean bank OCBC has a tie-up with Aun; he creates special promotions for OCBC credit card holders with his favourite restaurants and food suppliers, which he promotes via the blog. His blog style of writing could be deemed arrogant and condescending so it might be off putting to some readers. While some others say he writes with authority. He does not eat at local places like the many hawker centers in Singapore so

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