Cheongnyangni Station

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About Cheongnyangni Station

  • Transit Lines: Seoul Subway Line 1
  • Terminus For Lines:

Cheongnyangni Station is the Seoul terminus for passenger trains serving the eastern part of South Korea. The station is located just east of downtown Seoul, on the Gyeongwon Line. Passenger trains serving the following Korail lines terminate at Cheongnyangni Station: In addition, this station is served by all ITX trains to/from Chuncheon Station on the Gyeongchun Line. However, the majority of trains do not terminate at this station but continue to Yongsan Station. This was the original eastern terminus of Seoul Subway Line 1 when that line opened in 1974. Today, subway trains operate from Cheongnyangni east to Yongmun and west to Yongsan on the Jungang Line.

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