Centennial Bridge

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About Centennial Bridge

  • Body Of Water Spanned: Missouri River
  • Bridge Type: Compression arch suspended-deck bridge
  • Locale: Leavenworth

The Centennial Bridge is a through arch bridge road bridge over the Missouri River connecting Leavenworth, Kansas and Platte County, Missouri. Constructed in 1955, it was initially a toll bridge. The bridge opened in 1955, a year after Leavenworth celebrated its centennial as the first city incorporated in Kansas. It is a two-span arch bridge connecting K-92 and Missouri Route 92. Its main span is 419.8 feet with a total length of 2,571.2 feet. During the construction a spur of Route 45 called the "Leavenworth cutoff" was built to speed traffic to Kansas City, Missouri. The two-mile spur is still maintained by the city of Leavenworth even though the highway is in Missouri.

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