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  • Year Released: 2007

Carolina Moon, also known as Nora Roberts' Carolina Moon, is a 2007 made-for-tv movie directed by Stephen Tolkin, which stars Claire Forlani, Oliver Hudson, and Jacqueline Bisset. The film is based on the Nora Roberts novel of the same name (Carolina Moon), and is part of the Nora Roberts 2007 movie collection, which also includes; Angels Fall, Blue Smoke, and Montana Sky. The movie debuted February 19, 2007 on Lifetime. The film revolves around Tory Bodeen (Forlani), who is blessed - or maybe cursed - with the ability to see the past and present. The film starts with Tory returning to the small town where she grew up, the town where her best friend Hope was killed as a young child. Tory's father, an abusive religious fanatic, remains the prime suspect in the unsolved murder. As the anniversary of Hope's death approaches, Tory resolves to face her demons, with the help of her childhood friends -- Tory's cousin Wade (Willett), Hope's twin sister Faith (Davis), and her older brother Cade (Hudson), who realizes his childhood crush on Tory hasn't ended. Will her friends be enough to save Tory?

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