Burswood railway station, Perth

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  • Transit Lines: Armadale railway line, Perth
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Burswood (known as Rivervale between 1921 and 1993), is a Transperth train station 4.8 kilometres (3.0 mi) east of Perth railway station on the Armadale/Thornlie Line. It is adjacent to Crown Perth. The station's name was originally a corruption of "Burrswood", being misspelt by the station sign's painters in 1893 when the railway was first built. It (and the area) were renamed Rivervale in 1921 in part due to the public's association of Burswood with sewerage processing; however, after the Burswood Resort and Casino were built in 1985, the situation was reversed and the name reverted. Rivervale has survived as a suburb 600m east of the station. Burswood station is located within a small triangular area bounded by the Swan River, the Great Eastern Highway ( ), and the Graham Farmer Freeway (). The tracks lie on a right-of-way in between Goodwood Parade and Victoria Park Drive, eventually utilising an overpass to cross the Great Eastern Highway directly to the south. There is an entrance to the station on either side of the tracks on the southern end of the platform, requiring passengers to cross the tracks at grade level. Two services of the Armadale Line stop at Burswood station:

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