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About Bowdoin

  • Transit Lines: Blue Line
  • Terminus For Lines: Blue Line

Bowdoin (pronounced BO-din) of the MBTA, is a station on the Blue Line, serving Bowdoin Square in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood. It is currently the downtown terminus of the line, although it may close if the line is extended or after Government Center is rebuilt. Bowdoin station opened for service on March 18, 1916 as the terminus of the East Boston Tunnel, connecting Beacon Hill to Maverick Square. Along with Government Center, it replaced Court Street Station as the turnaround point for trolley cars from East Boston. The line was converted to heavy rail metro cars in 1925, and the loop has been a tight fit for rapid transit cars ever since. Blue Line cars are 48 feet long, shorter than the 65-foot Orange Line and 69-foot Red Line cars, partially because of the tight loop. Bowdoin is the only remaining turnaround loop on the MBTA's heavy rail lines; Wonderland and all Orange and Red Line termini simply use crossovers to reverse the direction of trains. The station is lightly used except at rush hour, and is only open from 5:15AM to 6:30PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. At all other times, trains terminate and originate service at Government Center station. The

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