Bolshoy Krashokholmsky Bridge

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About Bolshoy Krashokholmsky Bridge

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  • Bridge Type: Deck arch bridge
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Bolshoy Krasnokholmsky Bridge (Russian: Большо́й Краснохо́лмский мост) is a steel arch bridge that spans Moskva River in downtown Moscow, Russia, carrying Garden Ring between Tagansky District and Zamoskvorechye Districts. It was completed in 1938 by V.M.Vakhurkin (structural engineering), G.P.Golts and D.M.Sobolev (architectural design). Its main span is the widest arch span in Moscow (168 meters) . Wooden causeway bridges on this site were common since 18th century; 1853 plan shows a wooden bridge on site slightly to the south of current site and at a different angle. Originally, Vodootvodny Canal has a second bypass canal, cutting off the south-eastern tip of The Island. It was located rougnly 100 meters south from the centerline of present-day Garden Ring, spanned by one or two wooden bridges. All bridges, past and present, were built to the north of this bypass canal. The first permanent Krasnoholmsky Bridge across Moskva River was built in 1872, by the Struwe brothers; Amand Struwe was lead engineer and financial promoter. The bridge consisted of two rectangular lattice trusses (a mixed truss and girder type), each 65.5 meters long, with a single main pillar in the middle.

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