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Baragon (バラゴン) is a fictional Kaiju (Japanese giant monster) that was first featured in the 1965 Toho-produced film, Frankenstein Conquers the World. Baragon is a four-legged dinosaur with a horn on his head and large ears. His main weapon is a heat ray that he can fire from his mouth. In addition, he can jump very high and burrow through the ground. (1965) Frankenstein Conquers the World: Baragon was a dinosaur who burrowed underground to escape the extinction of the other dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures died out. He adapted to and lived successfully. But when the sounds of a nearby factory disturbed and awakened Baragon, he emerged from the underground and attacked it. He appeared later at Shirane and destroyed the village. Then he emerged at a farm, where he ate the livestock - with feathers flying out of his mouth. During these attacks, Baragon was not seen, so the mutant human Frankenstein was blamed. But there was a person who survived the destruction of the factory who claimed there was a second monster that had attacked the factory. When a small group of scientists searched for Frankenstein, an explosive awoke Baragon from his sleep. He emerged to attack the

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