Banned in Boston

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About Banned in Boston

  • Year Released: 1988

Banned In Boston is a compilation CD (and later, vinyl LP) from punk rock singer/songwriter GG Allin, released in 1989 (although it was compiled and sent to the manufacturing plant in the winter of 1988 and gives a copyright date of that year). It was also the first ever GG Allin title to be released on compact disc but the release on CD included additional material not on the vinyl version Black and Blue released. The CD was compiled by Black and Blue Records owner Peter Yarmouth with cooperation from GG Allin, since the two previous 7" releases had started to garner interest after the infamous Cat Club show in NYC and all the press in Village Voice, Flipside and other punk rock fanzines. The other version of the album is a compilation of all of GG Allin recordings with The Jabbers At the time, Allin's notoriety was already established at a fast pace due to his continued outrageous stage antics throughout the United States along with his Black and Blue releases, the two album releases for Homestead Records, You Give Love a Bad Name and Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies and the cassette album on ROIR Hated In The Nation (which has the three live songs played at the abbreviated

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