Balboa Park

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About Balboa Park

  • Transit Lines: Fremont - Daly City Line
  • Terminus For Lines: J Church

Balboa Park Station is a Bay Area Rapid Transit station located south of Balboa Park in southern San Francisco, California. It consists of two main tracks and a single island platform. Interstate 280 runs along the west side of the station, and City College of San Francisco is to the north. Balboa Park is currently the busiest BART station outside downtown San Francisco, with seven San Francisco Muni bus lines and three Muni Metro lines connecting in the vicinity. In addition, the station is popular with passengers who kiss and ride, due to its proximity to Interstate 280, a major commuter route into San Francisco. The station is the southernmost in the BART system that passengers can access using an SF Muni FastPass (which is valid for travel only within San Francisco); the next southbound stop, Daly City Station, is just outside San Francisco, across the San Mateo County border in suburban Daly City. Balboa Park serves as an official transfer station in the BART system. Although all four BART lines that pass through the station currently continue southward to Daly City, the Balboa Park Station design offers southbound passengers transfers between trains without having to change

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