Ahmed and Salim

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Ahmed and Salim is an animated web series created by Or Paz and Tom Trager. The series is a satirical parody on religious fundamentalists, or, as the creators define it: "A sitcom about terrorists". It first debuted on the 20 January 2009 and has since become an internet hit with over 2 million views and worldwide fans. Tom Trager and Or Paz are Israeli animators and comedy writers, born circa 1990. They both write, story board, animate, edit and voice the characters from an apartment in Herzliya. Though the show looks very anti-Islamic at first, Trager and Paz claim to have no real political agenda other than just "making people laugh". The satire in their show is not aimed at Muslims, but at all the fundamentalists who take religion to an extreme place. The two met during a high school film production in 2006 and created web sketches (both live-action and animated) in Hebrew until their big break with Ahmed and Salim in January 2009. Tom Trager is a graphic designer and a satirical columnist and Or Paz is a graphic designer and a video editor. Another of their series, The Shtreimels, pokes fun at ultra orthodox Jews in a similarly crude manner. The Jerusalem Post describes the

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