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About About mrs. leslie

  • Year Released: 1954

About Mrs. Leslie (1954) is a drama film directed by Daniel Mann and starring Shirley Booth and Robert Ryan. It was nominated for a BAFTA Award in 1955. Mrs. Leslie, rooming house landlady, reminisces in flashbacks about her past as a cafe entertainer and her long-time involvement with the mysterious George Leslie, an industrialist who originally hires her as a vacation "companion" but tells her nothing of his life outside the vacations. In subplots, Mrs. Leslie's tenants and neighbors carry on soap-opera lives while Mrs. Leslie herself, through her reminiscences and her involvement in her tenants' troubles, questions what her relationship with George Leslie has really cost her. Based on the novel About Mrs. Leslie by Viña Delmar (New York, 1950). According to a Hollywood Reporter news item, Paramount purchased the rights to Via Delmar's novel in June 1950, and tentatively assigned the project to George Stevens. In September 1953 Hollywood Reporter announced that Paul Nathan, story editor and casting director for the "recently dissolved Hal Wallis Productions," was to "start work" on the picture, but the exact nature and extent of his contribution have not been determined. Shirley

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