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About Ağrı

  • Contained by: Ağrı Province
  • Time zone(s): Eastern European Time
  • Events: Battle of Kara Killisse

Ağrı, formerly Karaköse and (before 1919) Karakilise, is the capital of Turkey's Ağrı province, near the border with Iran. The population of Ağrı is made up predominantly of Azeri, Kurdish and Turkish people ethnically. In the Ottoman Empire era the area was called Şorbulak, and the settlement was called Karakilise (Black Church). At that time, the district's administrative centre was located at Alashkert, once an important town. In 1895, Lynch wrote that Karakilise had between 1500-2000 inhabitants, was nearly two-thirds Armenian, and that a barracks for the Hamidiyeh regiment was located in the town. The Armenian population of the town and surrounding valley was massacred during the Armenian Genocide: a New York Times report from March 1915 talks of the Alashkert valley being covered with the bodies of men, women, and children. The "kara kilise" that gave the town its name was a medieval Armenian church. In the 1920s the town's name was mutated to Karaköse (the black man with no moustache) and the church was demolished. The name "Ağrı" might have been given by the Turkish government because of the Ağrı rebellion. This is a very poor region with extremely cold winters. Most people

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