Erling Løken Andersen

from Oslo, Norway

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  • JimboChicago 30th of December 2015 · Reply · Report
    I wanted to contact your site but the 'Contact Us' is broken. Please contact me because I have some questions. On my first list got 1178 views in the first 24 hours. My same lists with you are popular yet not as much since your traffic is le
  • Esfand 17th of October 2015 · Reply · Report
    Ooooh! Now I got it. Yes! I'm the man. :)
  • Břeťa Hanzel 9th of April 2013 · Reply · Report
    Hi Erling, do you have any idea why my list was deleted by admin? Not cool at all... :( Thanks for any info. Bret
  • Tobias Andersen 19th of March 2013 · Reply · Report
    Digger det nye designet!
    Ser også at flere bugs har blitt fikset, som det at man ikke kunne redigere bildene på enkelte listeelementer. :P
    Btw. hva med å ha en egen "notification" for "wall posts"?
    Så ikke at jeg fikk melding fra deg på wall'n før i dag,
  • uaexed 21st of November 2012 · Reply · Report
    Muligheter for å kunne endre listedetaljer ala de 3 custom rekkene. Vil gjerne skifte navn på de, har skrevet norsk når jeg skulle ha engelsk ved en feiltakelse.
  • uaexed 20th of November 2012 · Reply · Report
    2342 lists, woah.... Du tar jo helt av!
  • Tobias Andersen 18th of November 2012 · Reply · Report
    Thx! du er rå du og! :3
  • Sanders 9th of August 2012 · Reply · Report
    Hi Erling and to everyone else..
  • JG77 7th of August 2012 · Reply · Report
    hi! whats going on?
  • Sanders 6th of August 2012 · Reply · Report
    Hi there,
    Prepping the lists, have got a few topics..enjoying myself!